Monday, 30 June 2008

I hate wanted ads on freecycle so much

That it just crossed my mind how much fun you could have with these people who ask for silly things.

You could wait until you get someone asking for something ridiculous. On average you'd have to wait about 20 minutes on most groups.
Then about ten minutes after you post an Offered ad for the very same item. Hahaha of course you'd want to have several spare freecycle IDs for this, perhaps even going as far as having several all built up by offering stuff out and sending nice "i'm sorry you didn't get it this time" cheery hugs sort of emails.

But with the WANTED GREEDY ads you wouldn't ever offer them the item. You'd just let them be so frustrated by perhaps repeatedly missing items, that they'd eventually work it out.

Sounds mean? I think so.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Huge number of wanted ads

Leave me speechless some of them

  • Hi all im after a double bed size memory foam mattrs, i suffer from
    sciatica really bad and my spring mattress has had its last days so im
    really desperate for one now as my mattress isn't helping my back out
    we can collect from most areas thats not a problem
  • Has anybody done or planning on doing some spring cleaning and
    clearing out? If you find anything suitable for our school/church
    summer fair I will gladly come and collect.

    We're looking for items such as soft toys, childrens' toys, cds,
    books, unwanted presents, white elephant.....

    Any items will be greatly appreciated.

    Please email me for any further information or your details for

    Many thanks
  • I am getting a new cockatial and need a cage to house it in, something
    that is not too big or small. I am willing to collect. Thanks
  • Im looking for some display racks or stands to show greetings cards i
    can adapt if anyone has something similar that i could use.
  • Do you have any boxes suitable for packing up for a house move. I can
  • hi all i am just wondering if anyone has a clothes airer in good
    condition they no longer want as i can make good use of it can collect

  • I hope somebody can help me. I am a disabled person and I have recently
    rediscovered a childhood hobby of airfix kits. If anybody has got any
    model kits (even started ones), paints. or any other general modelling
    bits and bobs I would love to give them a new home.

    Can collect from anywhere.
  • know its an ask but as anyone got a wheelchair with foot plates that
    they no longer want,I have a good friend who is finding it difficult to
    get about,would be greatly appreciated,thanks

Agghhh huge asks some of them

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

3000 members in my local freecycle group

And they all want something

  • wanted chop saw mine burnt out can you help me please thanks
  • HI,
  • Just wondering if anyone has a playhouse that they might be getting rid
    of. My friend bought one of the moulded plastic ones for her daughter
    at xmas but it was stolen from the garden at the weekend, obviously
    little girl is really upset.

    Thank you for reading
  • Wanted workbench - any make / model can collect any condition than
  • any junior keyboard books for my ten yr old daughter many thanks
  • wanted bmx bike for spares if any one as any they dont use
  • Friends who have very limited income would very much appreciate a cot
    or moses basket for baby due next week!! Any offers would be most
    appreciated. I can collect
  • Wanted petrol strimmer urgently needed to cut down elephant grass in a
    pensioners garden, please help if you can, thank you
  • Hi
    My daughter has just learnt how to ride a bike so i'm looking for one
    for me so we can go out riding together and I can hopefully shift a few
    pounds in the process.

    Can anyone help?

    Many Thanks
  • does anyone a blender /grinder that you dont need, i had a kenwood
    make but its just died out on me many thanks
  • Hi i could do with both of the above, garden shed and lawnmower, to
    convert and tidy up unruly large back garden, can pickup anytime to
    suit, thanks
  • Major charity event coming up in aid of Cancer Research UK and we need
    loads of kids toys / teddies / bric a brac that we can use for prizes
    on our stalls. any donations kindly appreciated.
  • hi is there any body out there that has a picnic bench the one like
    they have at pubs outside and at picnic areas that they dont require
    anymore if so i don't mind if it needs a little tlc and varnish lol,
    and i will obviously pick it up at your convienience kind regard les
  • hi everyone looking for records lps singles also working record
    player thanks for looking
  • Does anybody have a spare wireless router compatible with Virgin
    broadband? I need to move my computer to another room so I can study
    and still use the internet. Thanks

Aghhhh hundreds of people putting up their shopping list

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Greedy freecycler

Who wants what?

  • Wanted computer console for childrens room
  • I know this is most likely a long shot, but would anyone have a
    bodhran that they do not use. My son is interested in playing this
    musical instrument.
  • My son is hoping that someone has an electric
    guitar that they no longer want.
    We can pick up.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Hot weather brings out worst in people

want want want

  • DRYER - know it is a bit of a long shot. Am asking on behallf of a frind
    with disabled child, as her's has broken.
  • Cement mixer wanted for garden project, preferably electric, I will
  • hi i know this is a long shot but does any1 have any ps1/2 games we
    have just got a ps2 and we only managed to get 1 game with it and my
    children are dying to play on it but they cant play the game that came
    with it , this is not by no means for resale we just want to have so
    family fun with the kids when the weather is like it is today lol dull
    we can collect for anywere and we would be ever so greatfull for
    anything at all
    thank you so much
  • wanted please portable television for bedroom for someone who is ill
    thank you
  • wanted alternater for a rover 414 sk3
  • a big ask but does anyone have any one have any volvo 850
    estate t5 parts ie exhaust load cover etc they no longer need as mot is
    due and not much money in the kitty to buy.big thank you for
  • wanted ol1 has any one got any old radio controlled boats or parts they
    no longer require as me and my son are wanting to start a project.thank
    you for reading.

  • I'm looking for a petrol generator which I can take to the cemetary
    when I look after my family graves. I'll use it to power my electric
    strimmers / lawn mower etc.
  • Has anyone got a safetygate they are no longer using,now my son has
    started crawling hes into everything.

  • I was just wondering if anyone may have 1 concrete fence post lying
    around anywhere. It is the type that you slot the cheap fence panels

It drives me MAD!

Friday, 9 May 2008

Dear santa please can I have

More wanted ads from my local freecycle

  • hi im in real need of a baby walker for my very active 10 month old
    baby girl she is ready for walking but unfortunately her walker was
    broken due to a heavy item falling on it in spare room. id be very
    grateful if anyone could help please!!

    also as shes growing soo fast (where does time go ?)im in need of
    clothes for her as i said she is 10 months old and id be very very
    grateful for anyones help with these items please get in touch if you
    could help thankyou very much for reading my ad.
  • has anyone got a 110v transformer the yellow box type they no longer
    hi i am looking for these items for my grandchildren can anyone help

  • Might be a bit of a tall order this one, but i'm going to give it a
    call. Has anyone got a box trailer thats doing nothing except taking
    room up if so could you give me an email.

    Thanking you for looking have a nice day.
  • wanted:microwave oven & grill

  • Bit of a long shot, but does anyone have Episode 2 (from Last Thursday
    1st May)recorded on either DVD or VHS that I could have (or borrow if
    you want it back) ?

    Having waited eagerly for series 2 to arrive on our televisions we
    missed this episode and the later repeat due to unforeseen events. :((

    I can collect from most areas/most days/most times.

    Thanks for reading.
  • Hi Everybody

    Does anybody have a pet igloo or any other type of padded dog basket.
    I need ine for my King Charles Spaniel so he can travel with us in the
  • Hi, Does anyone have a garden parasol they want to get rid of? I want
    one to fit onto my garden table, Can collect, Thanks for reading
  • lawnmower desperatley needed as mine has gone to the lawnmower heaven
  • has anyone got a spare lawnmower or strimmer that i could have,can

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Just in -more begging

What they said:

  • I've just found out that my LCD monitor is causing electrical noise
    which is disrupting my internet connection badly, so if anyone has one
    that they don't need, I'm looking for a 15 inch or larger flat screen
    monitor (it has to be flat screen since I don't have space for a CRT).

    Thanks :)
  • has any one got any fencing they no longer require just one pannel soi
    can keep the pup in hes clearing the one i have lol
  • We need any unwanted new gift for a Tombola we are holding at the end
    of June.We raise money to support our free school and the work we do in
    the community to raise awareness.We have been working with people since
    2001 and are a not for profit organisation.You can read more about us (formerly The Rainbow educare Trus
  • hi i know this is a long shot but has anyone out there got a large
    training cage or a large kennel they no longer need as my german shep
    puppy has decided he likes chewing lino :(
    thanks in advance i can pick up
  • hi has any one got a dog guard for in a car they no longer require
    thanks for reading
  • I know this sounds like a mad request but it's for a friend of mine whose daughter is making
    her first holy communion in 2 weeks time and needs a straight underskirt[ie no frilly netted
    sticky out one] - but can't find one anywhere! Please could someone help out. Many thanks,
  • Hi is anybody having any old patio doors replaced as I am after some
    for a project I working on, the frame / doors can be either wood, upvc
    or aluminum. I can collect anytime to suit
    thanks for reading this


Tuesday, 6 May 2008

more more more

What do you want?

  • Railway sleepers - We used some of these to make borders in our garden. We now need a
    couple more but can't get hold of the joiner who bought and dug in the
    originals for us. Does anyone know where we can get hold of some?
  • We are wanting to try and do up our garden but can ill afford it. If
    anyone has any spare plants or anything that can be planted then
    please drop me an email and we will come and collect.

beg beg beg

More wanted ads - I assume the group has had some publicity somewhere saying what a great place to ask for stuff it is.

  • Hi I am looking for a ride on car for my little boy please if anyone
    has one they no longer use I would be very grateful!
  • Hi I am looking for a slide for my 2 little boys if anyone has one they
    no longer use!
  • wanted cylinder vac like a henry or similar thank you in advance
  • Needed asap - a folding butterfly table and chairs.
    My mums table is near to collapsing, and she desperately needs a new
    folding one to save space in her kitchen
    Many thanks
  • Does anybody have a greenhouse that they no longer need. Any type will
    do glass, plastic, polytunnel. I am really really desparate because I
    want to start growing my own veg. Its a long story but because I am so
    ill I need to eat organic and basically I can't afford it so hoping to
    grow my own. Anybody that can help me out with this, it really will be
Some big asks there

Monday, 5 May 2008

Huge blast of bad wanted ads

The cheeky monkeys are out in force right now

  • Hi going camping soon, has anyone got any camping equipment they no
    longer use.
  • hi does anyone have any beyblades for little grandson thanx

  • If anyone is splitting plants and have some to spare please bare me in mind. They would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for reading
  • Hi does anyone have a wheelchair they no longer need?

    i'm asking on behalf of my friend her mother-in-law has just come out
    of respite care and isn't fit enough to be zipping about on her
    mobility scooter like she used too :)any offers will be greatly

    I can collect from anywhere no problems.
  • Does anyone have a spare clothes rail? It would be used in the garage
    for motorcycle leathers, so needs to be quite strong, but anything
    would be better than nothing - I'm sick of leathers taking up all my
    wardrobe space!!
    Thanks for reading
  • Wanted engineers vice - vice required to replace broken one thanks
  • Has anybody got any dark brown wood stain for a fence that they no
    longer need. Really would be appreciated.
  • hi im wanting any fishing stuff i will pick up aswell thanx
  • hello all just bought a second hand caravan to take the kids on those
    cheep holidays. but the caravan did not come with accessories needed to
    go off in. like no leisure battery no water pump no hookup lead no
    water barrels and more. so if anyone as any caravan accessories lying
    about thy no longer need i would appreciate them. can pickup as well
    thanks to all that offer.
  • hi all wanted double pushchair or buggy for my grand kids as my
    daughter as gone back to work and have my grand kids all week now. and
    have to transfer baby items from one car too another car twice a day
    and it would be easier if i had my own pushchair/buggy thanks to all
    PS can pick up....
  • i all we are after a small metal garden storage shed for our back
    garden, as we live in the corner sunshine house we only have the small
    corner back garden but need to store our tools and garden items away!
    we can collect form most areas.
    Thanks alot.
  • Hi all looking for an old mono laser printer for granson's home-work
    any make will do,
  • hi,is anyone replacing an ironing board?if so theres a good home
    waiting for your old one if in working order,my son and girlfriend have
    just moved to a new home and this is the one thing they are short
    of.thankyou for readng.

All these appeared in the last 24 hours. How many people??? Huge number of people begging!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Some more jolly requests

Some people really treat freecycle like a wish machine

  • Does anyone have a good conditioned rotary washing line that they no
    longer use? We have a border collie who thinks that its great fun to
    nick your washing as it blows in the wind, and snaps the lines in the
  • We need a bbq for out outdoor events, it needs to be gas as this is
    safest for children. thanks

  • i was wondering if anyone has a small garden shed plastic or metal
    about 6ft by 4ft in size please.

    i know this is a big long shot but thought you dont get if you dont ask

    many thanks for reading this post
  • hello if any of you have tent you no longer use we would be greatful
    as our tent got damaged by teenagers. we really could do with a weekend
    thanks for readingthis wanted note
  • hi everyone if you have any baby dolls thats no longer needed please
    email me thanx
  • Fully working washing machine needed temporarily. I am moving house
    shortly, and mine has just packed up. I will re-post on here when I
    have finished with it.

    Looks not important
  • we have a puppy and need a dog cage or a crate so he can be safely left
    for short periods, having spoken to people I realise that dogs outgrow
    the need for these cages so if anyone had one they didnt need I would
    be very grateful and could collect whenever suitable-thnks
  • hi has anybody got a dishwasher they no longer need can pick up thanks

Some big asks - as usual.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

more bad asks

What they said

  • hi has anybody got a dishwasher they no longer need can pick up thanks
  • Has anyone got a spare set of Axel stands or ramps for a car?

    I can collect anytime

    kind regards
  • Everyone,

    Has anybody got a spare wheelbarrow that they are no longer using. I
    really need one to enable me to do my gardening. I keep doing my back
    in lifting which isn't good so if anybody does have one spare it would
    be really appriciated
  • Does anybody have any of the old style recycling black plastic
    recycling boxes that the council geve us several years ago for
    recycling bottles and cans. Most people now use the brown bins but
    some of you may just have one of the old type of box lying around. If
    you have and you don't need it please let me know. I need one so I can
    recycle a pile of tin cans and the council has said I can use one of
    these boxes if i can get my hands on one.
  • I'm looking for a floor tile cutter if anyone has one they no longer
    want, I can collect at a time that suits you.
  • Anyone got any Nicci French or Nicci Gerrard books? Hard back or
    paperback, I can collect. Thanks for reading
  • Wanted deep fat fryer

  • wanted: girs bike

  • a boys bike for age 6yrs-8yrs please,as the one he has now is not much
    use as the chain keeps falling off.thanks.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

They are all at it

Begging on freecycle

  • Hello there
    Does anyone have either 1 or 2 largish cream throws? My suite isnt as
    good as it used to be, and could do with something to brighten it up a
    many many kind thanks in advance
  • wanted cream throws can collect anytime
  • Hi chest of drawers wanted, thanks from
  • hi iam looking for empty wine bottles PLEASE
  • Hi,

    My 6 yr old daughter loves Sylvanian Families, and would appreciate any
    items that you no longer want from the Sylvanian Family range.

    She got the Sylvanian Family cottage for xmas (the one with lights
    that you can turn on/off, and the matching conservatory.

    My daughter needs bathroom items to complete the cottage.

    The Sylvanian Families are a bit dear so i can't really afford to buy
    any other bits for it.

    I would be very grateful for anyone's help. Thanks!.

Well I was tempted to also ask for cream throws. And was tempted to offer him some FULL wine bottles...

Saturday, 26 April 2008

No shows

Someone who's been asking for furniture replied to my post offering two sofas.

So I rang them up. We arranged for them to come and collect them between 2 and half past today.

Well guess what! It's nearly 4PM and they've not turned up!

How annoying is that?

We've stayed in on our Saturday off and have wasted our time!

Freecycle want ads

Too cheeky?

  • Hi,

    If anybody has a 2 seater sofa bed that they have replaced/ no longer
    need, then we would be grateful if we can have this please.

    Can collect.

    Many Thanks in advance.
  • Has anyone got a bumboo seat they no longer use/want, if you have
    please contact me.
  • hi needed toys for my grandchildren thanx
  • Hi i'm just moving into my new house and need a table. I dont really
    care what colour as I will sand down and stain. Please help
  • Hi

    I have a 2m x 1.9m Patio door (6.5ft x 6ft) and can't find either
    venetian or vertical blinds big enough to fit. Can anyone help?....or
    can anyone suggest anywhere local (and preferably cheap!) where such
    sizes may be sold?

    Many thanks
  • Looking for a dartboard and darts. Would appreciate your e-mail.
  • hi i am in need of any pc parts you may have spare and in def need of a
    monitor as my whole pc is starting to go but the monitor is the main
    thing i need
    can anyone help.

only a few then! the bumboo made me laugh!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Todays bad freecyclers

What they wanted

  • hi there has anyone got storage of any kind with a lock for a voluntery
    childrens group to keep equipment in.
    Need to lock up as the building is shared with other groups at mo kept
    in my house but not ideal thanks for looking
  • hi there wanted tools any condition (spanners sockets ratchets hamers) anything....can pick up anytime anywhere all help would be much appreciated thanks for reading
  • hi doe4s anyone have a wheelie bin or garden bin they no longer need
  • hi all please does anyone have large amount of sand they no longer need
    my daughter wants a sandpit in the garden thankyou
  • Daughter came home with goldfish from the fair with the smallest tiny
    It has no accesories / gravel

    I feel so sorry for the fish

    We are looking for a tank with accesories (gravel,plants, ornamental
    bits ) big enough so we can ge the fish some friends

    We have no transport so we need to be cheeky and ask for delivery
    unless its within walkin distance
  • Hi, I'm trying to arrange a holiday on the cheap and camping seems to
    be the best option. However I've never been camping and don't possess
    a tent and buying one would substantially increase the cost( to a
    place I couldn't afford.)

    Thank you in advance
  • Does anyone please have any exercise equipment; rowing machine, bike
    machine, weights; mt daugher is on a trim up for the summer regime!
  • hi i am looking for clothes for a very tall 4 year old she has worn to
    9 years old at times cant keep up with her really need summer up type
    things but all types welcome can collect thank you

Just a few things wanted then!
I am constantly amazed what people ask for on freecycle.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

More bad wants

What they said - and these two arrived just after I'd written the previous post!

  • iv just been given a laptop with external cd player but need external
    re-writer please thanks can collect
  • my vacuum cleaner has just give up cannot afford anew one if anyone has
    a spare one , i would be gratefull.
  • hi has anyone got a small printer i can use with a laptop instead of
    having to wait to use the pc printer got transport dont mind travellin
Utterly cheeky.

Huge number of wanted ads

What they've said

  • I am looking for an mp3 player so i can listen to my music on the move
    if any one can help cheers. would be much appreciated. thanks.
  • We are in need of a wardrobe. A sturdy wooden one would be perfect, my husband and i are sharing a canvas one which is a bit of a nightmare as we have so many clothes.
  • Hello freecyclers! Please could someone help me out - am in desperate need of a child's high
    chair, my other one has given up the ghost recently and so i thought i'd try you kind lot! I
    could collect anytime and would really appreciate it if someone could help me out with this,
    Thanks a lot,
  • I wondered if anybody had any Large Garden Bushes or Trees they no
    longer want.

    I am looking to fill my border with Tall bushes such as Acers,
    Conifers, etc

    I am in XXXX and can collect if in local areas.

    Any offered would be very much appreciated.

    Many Thanks

  • just moved into first home - looking for 2/3 seater sofa as dont want
    to be splashing loads of cash on new stuff at the moment.
    please help.
  • wanted :would any one have hidden in their shed or loft have
    any old radio controlled boats for me to rebuild-restore in my spare
    time or any old radio gear-parts.a big ask i know but who knows.thank
    you all.
  • a working deep fat fryer and george foreman if possible
    can collect
    thankyou in advance for reading :)

This is just shocking! In a very short time freecycle has turned into a massive begging letter!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Grandfather clock

What they said:
I am looking for a grandfather clock if anybody as one thy don't want.

What I said: Shocking. Huge ask.
Very wrong.

Oi cheeky no!

Lots of them:

  • Would be very grateful if anyone has one they no longer use, as I want to give it a go but it's a lot to spend on a new one. Can collect.
  • Hi I just wondered if anybody had a small 2 seater sofa bed that they no longer required.
    please thanks in anticipation
  • Does anyone have an A2 or A3 photo quality inkjet printer they no
    longer use? I would be extremely grateful if I could have it.
  • i am after an 8 foot trampoline enclosure, if you got one going spare.
    Can collect any time, thanks
  • wanted male and female mountain bikes we need to try and get fit old
    age catching up can collect
  • I need an AM2 socket motherboard. Not too concerned about high spec, as
    long as it has IDE (or a PCI slot), PCI-e graphics slot and DDR2 RAM
    slots. Oh - and an Ethernet port.

    I don't SATA, I don't need lot's of USB ports, and I don't need
    firewire. It doesn't need to be overclockable. Stable, safe and simple.

    Can collect evenings around 6:30 - 7:00 pm
  • Age and condition not important but must be working.

    Can collect locally.
  • All things considered aslong as they work, just need something to mess
    about on and practice, stupidly got rid of one a few months ago now im
    craving after one again.

What I say... these are all really cheeky and not in the spirit of freecycle

Saturday, 12 April 2008

More wanted ads off freecycle including fish filter

What they said: Hi
Does anyone out there have a fish filter they don't want, Fluvel 3
size if possible.
My fish would be extremley grateful

What I said: AGGHHH If you need one. Buy one. To not buy one for your fish sounds cruel.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

What they said - cheeky asks on freecycle

  • I would like an exercise bike, if any one out there has one sat in the
corner they no longer need, please send me an email.
thanks for reading this

  • HI to all freecyclers we are looking for a roof bar for our car and
    wondered if anyone out there had some they no longer need. Thanx for
    reading this request x
  • We urgently need a sky remote

    The baby has lost it and we have searched everywhere for it

    The kids wil be home soon and i could do without the stress

    I can collect
  • hi has anybody got a aerobic step exerciser they no longer need i would
    be most gratefull can pick up anytime thanks

Some cheeky ones there! Especially the one where baby lost the remote! AGGGHHHH how big is your house?


What they said: We've moved house recently and have now got a kitchen sink with a very
small draining board.

If anyone has a full-sized dishwasher they no longer require, we'd be
happy to collect it from you.

thank you

What I said: What a cheeky ask!

Wanted - greenhouse

What they said: Does anybody have or know someone who no longer requires their
greenhouse. We would like a 6 foot by 6 foot greenhouse and ideally
with safety glass or Polycarbonate glazing, so it is safe for our
little boy as it will be rebuilt in our garden
Thanks for reading this

What I said: this is a huge ask. very cheeky. And very specific.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

More bad wants from freecycle

Just had a burst of emails in -

What they said:

  • Hi all i know its a long shot but im in need of a combi boiler/
    radiators/ electric shower/ and doors ie front back and internal
    doors.We are moving in to a rented house but they wont put things like
    this in for us. even though the house has some radiators down stairs
    with having kids i want them up stairs even more so as the old wooden
    windows have that many gaps and are in such dis repare it needs doing.
    i know this is a long shot but someone may have things like this they
    may not be using ie a builder or someone. thank you all.

  • hi there i need a hoover as mine has just died (rip) if anybody out there has one i can have that would be fantastic can collect from anywhere thanks in advance cheers

  • Wanted HARD DRIVE can reformat needed for project build

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Some cheeky asks

The rules say don't be specific or greedy!

What people said:
I'm looking for a dc04 as a spare to repair my existing machine.

Does anyone have any clothes that have been grown out of? Recently
become a guardian and could use some help

Hello everyone,
my family and I have decided to start camping so i am looking for
any unwanted camping items i can collect

Can any help me stop my dog escaping she thinks she the female canine
version of hudini. Does anyone have any fencing they no longer need?

What I say: Get along to argos!


What they said::: hi i was wondering if anyone had a old laptop or pc for young boy for
school work dont have to be of a goog just needs to be in working
condition thank you

What I said: Cheeky ask!


What they said: Has someone got a colour printer they are not using Im not botherd what
make it is just so long as it is working and has some ink in it till I
manage to get somemore thank you

What I said: Cheeky ask


What they said; i am looking for a home brew starter kit to start off doing some home
brewing will collect

What I said: A cheeky ask but this is the sort of thing you buy and use once and leave gathering dust in a corner.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Massage table

What they said: would be grateful if anyone out there has a massage bed so my
daughter can practice at home, As she is attending a beauty course.
Also anything to do with Hair and Beauty would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

What I said: So not much then.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Does anyone have a frosted glass ball knocking around? I have three
sets of three lights, all with frosted glass balls.....except the one
I've just smashed! They are round and fit over a candle bulb, they
sort of 'ping' on when you push the springs in. If you have one you'll
know what I mean! If you do have one which is no longer needed, or you
have one in use at the moment and think you'll be replacing it in the
near future, I would be so grateful if you could contact me or keep my
details on one side for later.

Many thanks

What I said: Whoops! OK someone might have one lay about ...

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

wireless printer server

What they said: Anyone got a wireless printer server which they no longer need?

What I said: cheeky!

What one person wanted

What they said: wanted XXX ; a bit of a big one this.has any one got any volvo
850 or early v70 up to year 2000 car parts laying around their sheds
garages etc.i bought a second hand car with some bits missing ie;load
cover-roof rails etc.any thing concidered.cheers fellow freecyclers

hi has anyone got any camping equipment they no longer use.any thing
would poss be of help.....thanx the happy camper

What I said: two cheeky posts

small oven

What they said: a good freind is looking for a small oven with two rings will collect
if anyone can help thanks

What I said: Cheeky and for a friend too.


What they said: We're looking for a dishwasher if anyone is disposing of one.

It needs to have only a cold water feed.

Can collect from anywhere in the XXX areas.


What I said: Cheeky!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Walking boots

What they said::: My son has outgrown his walking boots so if anyone has a pair that no
longer fits, I'd like them please. I have a pair of size 2's if
anyone wants those, they're brown. Thanks.

What I say: Not a bad idea to advertise the other ones.. because people's feet get smaller!

baby stuff

what they said::: A friend of mine is expecting a baby and she is a bit short of money so
i wondered if anyone out there had any baby items they no longer need,
Will consider anything but she really needs a steriliser if anyone has
one spare, Collection is no problem, Thanks for reading

What I say: Don't have a baby if you can't afford it.

Wanted Garden Firebox or chimenea

What they said::: Wanted: Garden Firebox or chimenea
Thought i would ask before i go and buy a new one.I live in XXX

What I said: big ask. Cheeky.

Wanted mess

What they said:

What I said: One of the CAPS lock darlings! Who wants a mess for her husband. I think she means mesh, but who knows. Is it the rabbit bored or the husband?
Made me laugh anyway!


What they said: Hi,
I am currently trying to move my nearly 12 month old daughter up into
her own room and need a mattress/bed as a temporary sleeping place as I
am still breastfeeding and would like to stay in her room with her for
a while until she is used to her new surroundings!!! Offers appreciated
and thanks in advance!

What I said: tooooo much detail !


What they said: old box trailer wanted, for project 5x3 4x3 any condition, must be able
to be pulled from your drive/field ,thank you

What I say: cheeky ask. They're dear!

lead for monitor

What they said: A fellow freecycler has been kind enough to give me a CRT monitor. I
do not have the lead to connect it to the computer, because my old
monitor had a wired in cable.
The kind I would like is a 15 pin male to male VGA lead. I think it
is sometimes called a D-Sub.
I would be able to collect,

What I said: Gawd you want it all!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


has anybody got a dishwasher the no longer need can collect thanks

What I said: AGGGHHH does *anyone* have a dishwasher they don't use anymore? NO.

Monday, 10 March 2008

exercise bike

What I want: hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone out there has an excercise bike
they no longer require, as i've quit smoking 3 months ago and gained
more than enough pounds and now i need to lose them. can collect no

thanks in advance

What I said:
Well acutally stopping exercising can help you lose weight. Don't walk to the fridge and don't lift that handful of biscuits to your mouth!

Start the tesco ediet - and get help getting slim

dog trimmers

What they said: Hi

I would like to have a go at trimming my dog myself, if anyone has a
pair that they could offer me I would be most grateful, I can of
course collect.

Thanks for reading

What I said:
Does your dog need a trim? Will it end up with a big wonky fringe?

Sunday, 9 March 2008

microwave and planks

What they said: hi all,
has anybody got a microwave they are no longer in need of, i would be
most greatful, if you have i can collect also has anyone got any
scaffold planks lying around that they no longer need, i wish to make
raised bedding boxes to encouage our disabled child to grow things.
i would be very greatful for anyone helping out.
warmest regards to you all.

What I said: Two asks in one post. Cheeky.

ski wear

What they said:

wanted ski clothes for teenagers school trip leaving for italy on 21st

What I said:
Luxury optional ski trip....

Saturday, 8 March 2008

boxing stuff

What they said: Boxing equipment e.g. boxing gloves, speedbag, etc for my 15 year old
daughter who is mad about Rocky & willing to be a boxer when she is

What I said:
Strange requests


What they said: Wanted; White or pine ottoman, blanket box, storage. Wood or whicker
please. Can collect any area.

What I said: Hmmm, not essential.

fridge magnets

What they said: Hi, if anyone has bought a packet of the Pitch Brioche bread rolls
lately then you will have recieved a piece of a european map fridge
magnet, there are 20 in the set and if you have no intention of
collecting all of them, dont chuck em, please pass them on to me and my
daughter who would love to complete the set soon, we have some pieces
already but any more will do, thanks for reading,

What I said: at least this is something that hasn't cost you anything


What they said: HI


What I said:
Agghh what a cheeky request!

Friday, 7 March 2008

tumble dryer

What they said: Hi recyclers, any one got a tumble dryer as i desperately need one as
my other one has broken. Thanks

What I say: You should have saved up and bought one. Dry your clothes outside until you can afford one.

If you really need one then buy one - tumble dryers aren't that expensive

More stair gates

What they said: hi was just wondering if any1 had a safety gate or gates x2 plz for my
son so he can't get up or down the stairs and close 2 the area were i
live if possible as i don't drive and am single parent thanx 2 all for

What I said: Buy a stair gate to prevent your child from injuring itself.

Buy one here online - you don't need a car - buy a stair gate here

It appears stair gates are one of the most commonly requested items on our local freecycle.

Thursday, 6 March 2008


What they said: am in desperate need of a freezer, i have just moved into my own
house from living with my parents and i am due to have my baby any day
so please could any body out there help i can pick up from anywere

What I say:
Is this the same person who doesn't have a sofa. Terrible.

You can buy brand new cheap freezers online - huge range of brands and discounts available

Wanted sofa

What they said::: i am in desperate need of a sofa, i am ready to have my baby and just
moved into my own house from living with my parents, please is there
anybody out there who could help me, i can pick up from anywere thanks

What I say: This sortof post always makes me sad. Someone moving out when they're having a baby and having to scrap together enough money for a sofa. Well stay at home then! It's much better for you and your baby to have a fully furnished home and have people around you.

If you can't afford a sofa you are so going to struggle with a baby.

I recommended the local charity shop which sells furniture.

A mans bike

What he said: Due to theft of padlocked cycle this week my friend, who has very
limited income, is desperate for a replacement. Anyone able to provide
one? He would be most grateful. Please email me on

What I said: Get a better lock this time

Do you want to buy a new bike? Loads of great bikes on offer plus a great selection of bike security

Stair gates

What they said: Hi

Does anybody have a stair gate they no longer use. We have a cat that
is just about to give birth and wee need to keep our dogs out of the
room with them.

I can collect anytime and from anywhere.


BUT it was the day for stair gates:

hi has anybody got any stairgates they no longer use as im in desperate
need of some as my little girl keeps going up the stairs if anybody has
got any the no longer use would be most appricated thankyou

I say: Two cases where you need something like this - BUY your own or don't have cats and dogs together (Honestly, a dog will jump over a gate to get at something it really wants to!) And it's your child. Don't expect other people to buy you safety equipment

pet cage

What they said: Hi

I am in desperate need for an indoor gerbil/hamster/guinea pig cage!

Can collect from anywhere


What I say: Buy your own.

petrol generator

What they said::: wanted;genny.has anyone got a petrol generator they no
longer want.can pick up any time,place..thanx for reading

What I say: Buy your own! Cheeky

Hamster Cage

what they said: Hi everybody. Just wondering if anybody has a hamster cage they dont
need/use any more. We have 2 males in together and there is an awful
lot of fighting going on!!

Here's hoping.

What I said:
For goodness sake go to the shops and buy one.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

fridge freezer

What they said:Im in need of a fridge freezer if anyone can help.

What I said: Big ask. A frequent one though


What they said: hi im after a concrete sectional garage i can dismantle and collect

What I said.
OMG. Oh my god. This is a HUGE ask. Cheeky. 10/10

Monday, 3 March 2008

Electronic muscle stimulator

What they said::: Wanted: Electronic muscle stimulator - one of those things that makes
your muscles twitch!

Both my thigh muscles have deactivated so need to get them working again
but struggling to do it manually so would really appreciate it if
someone has one of these lurking in their cupboard after discovering
they haven't really worked with toning stomach muscles etc.

Can collect at a time to suit you.

What I said: Deactivated what? If it's a medical condition you should see your doctor

weights bench

What they said:i am in need of a weight bench due to my boyfriend just taking up
weights please could anybody help thanks

What I say: Get your BF to sort out his own hobbies


What they said: Wanted: Manure, Compost or Top Soil:

Does anybody have any of the above items spare. I can collect.

What I said: Actually I could do with some compost or manure for the garden too.

Fish tank filter

What they said: Hi im after a fish tank filter for my tropical tank as the one i
have is not doing it's job as it should do..

What I said: Pets. Don't have them if you can't afford them

plastic camping plates

What they said: iam looking for plastic plates cup dishis for camping thanks

What I said: A small ask. But it's still for something that's a luxury for some people.

PC tower

What they said::: My electric went off earlier and since then my sons PC wont come on, I
have been told that it was a power surge and the motherboard has fried!
There is a strange burning smell coming from it, I was wondering if
anyone had an old pc tower knocking about? I have a hard drive and
memory for it, If someone has a tower with a motherboard i would be
really grateful and can collect, Thanks for reading

What I said: Big ask. Cheeky. Lend him yours. Share.

PC tower

What they said::: My electric went off earlier and since then my sons PC wont come on, I
have been told that it was a power surge and the motherboard has fried!
There is a strange burning smell coming from it, I was wondering if
anyone had an old pc tower knocking about? I have a hard drive and
memory for it, If someone has a tower with a motherboard i would be
really grateful and can collect, Thanks for reading

What I said: Big ask. Cheeky. Lend him yours. Share.

PC tower

What they said::: My electric went off earlier and since then my sons PC wont come on, I
have been told that it was a power surge and the motherboard has fried!
There is a strange burning smell coming from it, I was wondering if
anyone had an old pc tower knocking about? I have a hard drive and
memory for it, If someone has a tower with a motherboard i would be
really grateful and can collect, Thanks for reading

What I said: Big ask. Cheeky. Lend him yours. Share.

Wanted dvd recorder

What they said::: Wanted dvd recorder
Hi just wondering by the off chance if someone has got dvd recorder..

many thanks

What I said: A big ask. A very cheeky ask. greedy

Sunday, 2 March 2008


What they said: I'm looking for a small 240volt petrol or diesel electric generator to
drive a strimmer / headge cutters / mower which I want to use when
looking after my family graves in the three different cemetaries.

What I said: nice emotional begging there

large screen TV

What they said::: would appreciate a larger screen tv for the bedroom, as the portable i
have is too small for me to see it properly now. condition doesnt
matter as long as it works, thanks

I'm afraid I'm nearly speechless about the cheek of this one.

Not only do they want a big telly but they want it for their bedroom! And they already have one!

Get your eyes tested you greedy so and so!

Saturday, 1 March 2008


What they said:::If anyone has an enlarger they no longer need, I would love to have
the use of it.

What I said: This may be the sort of thing someone has and hasn't used for such a long time but it's still a big ask and a bit cheeky.

Fish tank

What they said::: fish tank needed as mine as crack't fish in a bucket could any one help
children's fish thank-you

What I said:
Well the kids might have to not have fish for a while. Take them back to the pet shop. The fish not the kids.

Friday, 29 February 2008


What they said: Hi.

Putting this on for a friend.

He has just started on a computer course and a home computer would help him to progress. Nothing fancy, just a basic model would be ok.

Thanks for reading

What I said: Lend him yours.


What they said: Hi, please can anyone help my mother-in laws washer broke and im tryin
to help her replace it .
thank you for your time.

What I said: You're not trying very hard. Make her buy one for herself, or get the old one repaired. More people asking for everyone else.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Cheeky monkey

What they said:::Hello, Has anyone got a cooker,double bed, fridge/freezer etc that they
nolonger need as a friend of mine has just moved into his own place.

can collect.


What I said: Bugger off. Don't scav everything. That isn't what freecycle is for. People who can't afford basics like a bed shouldn't move into their own places.


What they said: hi, picking some kitchen units up tomorrow & will have to store them in
the garden for time being, so would be very grateful for some tarpaulin
if anyone has some to spare? Thanks

What I said: You've got money for a new kitchen then buy a tarp for them

computer work station

What they said::: Has anyone out there got a computer work station they may not want,any
size will do ? can collect as soon as if possible collapsed down to fit
in car !!! THANKS.....

What I said::: Does he mean a desk?

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Wanted dishwasher

What they said:
As any one got a working dishwasher they no longer need as I would be
so greatfull if someone could help me out.

What I said: OH MY GOD. This is a luxury item and you shouldn't be asking for one on freecycle. This is a cheeky post. One that gives freecycle a bad name.

Monday, 25 February 2008

The best of dutch by design

Dutch by Design - Contemporary Design Online

Great home design products by Dutch by Design

Great items like
Product: Multi Colour Boho Chandelier
Designer: PT Design
Art Code: N/A
Description: Wonderfully boho and dramatic, this gorgeous chandelier will instantly add oomph to your interior. Max 25 watt includes 6 bulbs. Please note that you need the minimum clearance from the ceiling is 75 cm, the chain can be shorted to this length. However, the total length of the chandelier is 125 cm so from the top of the chandelier to the bottom of the beads.
Flat Flower
Product: Mixed Poppy Blue Vase
Designer: Suseela Gorter

Description: The Flat Flowers are transparent window stickers with which you will always have a beautiful bunch of flowers on your window sill. Made from a static material  so no glue involved  you can easily apply Flat Flowers again and again. Flat flowers are visible from both side so from inside and outside the window. The large windowstickers are 30 cm high and available in 5 variations. The post cards are 15 cm high and available in 8 variations.

Wanted fancy dress

What they said: Does anyone have any fancy dress costumes that perhaps their children
have grown out of?

What I said: Try a fancy dress hire shop

table and chairs

What they said: kitchen table and chairs for my daughter who is moving into a house in
XXXX can collect thanks

What i said: she can afford to move so she can afford some furniture.

bedroom decor

What they said: Just decorated little boys bedroom and as winnie the pooh was for babies
(his words by a 3 & half year old), so he would like any posters,
pictures or clock featuring things like, pink panther, scooby doo,
trains, cars all of which are his choice
thanks for reading and we can collect anytime

What I said; you've got a kid pay for it yourself.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Tent pole

What they said: Does anyone have a spare metal tent pole to fit a ProAction Nevada 8
man tent? Or know of anyone who makes new ones?

What I said:
It must be the day for getting the tent out and seeing what you managed to lose. A very specific request

Wanted car stuff

What they said: wanted:roof box for volvo car..also has any one got any spare parts for
a volvo 850 t5 estate.can pick up anytime..thanx alot fellow freecyclers

What I say: Hmm a lot of wants there. Must be a right wreck of a car

wanted: Bird Table/Feeder

What they said:::wanted: Bird Table/Feeder

I want to try and encourage more birds into my garden so any offers
would be greatfully accepted, I can collect.

What I said::: And you'll afford bird food how? And if you're just giving them scrap you don't need a feeder

sky box

What they said::: wanted sky box please

What I said::: Don't you need a sky subscription to use it? If you've got money for that then buy one.

a reverb unit

What they said::: Hi,

I'm looking for any type of "Echo / Reverb unit" for my nephew who has
just started singing at wedding etc. He has a good microphone, amp and
speakers but really needs to add that little bit extra "environment
effect" when singing in certain types of buildings. If anyone can help
I can collect for him.


What I said::: I am glad my uncle was never that mean.
Honestly he's either doing it for cash which means he should be buying his own equipment (it's a tax deductable expense... ) or he's doing it for free in which case one of his family could buy it him

my freecycle rules

1) Keep it free, legal & appropriate for all ages.
2) You MUST Include your partial postcode and general location in ALL posts.
3) Items must belong to you or you must have permission to post from the owner
4) Please remember only 3 wanted messages per month are allowed.
5) The same wanted message cannot be posted more than once per month.
6) No asking for extravagant items (cars, caravans, motorbikes etc)or specifying particular styles/colours etc.
7) No politics, spam, money, rudeness, personal attacks or religion.
8) No live creature messages
9) Re-selling is allowed but you MUST state you are a re-seller in any ‘wanted’ post. When responding to an offer, you must declare you will be re-selling the item aswell.
10) No trading.
11) No requesting items to borrow
12) Send your responses to the offerer only and not the whole group.
13) No offering of yourself/children etc.

One of the neighbouring groups hardly has any wanted posts at all.
It's a pity people don't take much notice when they're in WANTED mode.

Tent pegs

what they said::: Wanted - strong metal tent pegs or the like

What I said: Hmm, one of the most strange requests.
It's Feburary so I don't suppose they want them for camping out.

Saturday, 23 February 2008


What they said::: hi im looking for a dryer for my step daughter hers has just brocken
down thanks for looking

What I said::: Tell her to buy one or you buy her one.
I dislike people who ask for "other people"

washing machine

What they said:::

I was hoping that somebody might have a washing machine they no longer
need. It is for a student at university who is moving into a rented
house that doesn't have one. I am able to collect from anywhere.


What I say:
For a student? You're not a student landlord are you?

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Bamboo coffee table

What they said: Hi i am after a bamboo type coffee table and similar corner tv video
stand, which has to be at least 34 inches length, thanks

What I said:
Only a bit specific. I am suprised people don't put the argos catalogue number on to make it easier!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


What they said:: hi i need any scrap or non running motorcycles or unwanted spares for a
youth project

What I said: Just what the UK needs, more organ donors!

There's some young people who ride motorbikes near me all weekend and it is very noisy and it's illegal too

The issue of off-road motorcycle nuisance has been identified as an area of public concern via public consultation mechanisms, and GMPA identified that a registration scheme would be a useful tool to help combat the growing problem of anti-social behaviour related to the illegal use of off-road motorcycles.

Monday, 18 February 2008


What they said ::: hi i am looking for a wardrobe for my daughter double or single doesnt
matter which

What I say::: A wardrobe? Bizarre. I spose when they're little they don't have much that can't be folded up.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

tv dvd combo

What they want::: Hi
Does anyone has a tv/dvd combo they don't want?
I would be really grateful.

What I say::: No, this is a luxury item. Do without.

Prams and pushchairs

What they said::: I collect prams and pushchairs for XXX children's Hospital, They use them
on the baby wards and they are crying out for them at the minute
because people steal them (Believe it or not) I can collect from most
places, Thanks for reading.

What I say::: Sometimes I think ones for good causes should be banned. How do we know they're collecting them for who they say they are? Are you more likely to give to a charitable cause then another person? You might do. But you'd not know. Perhaps all requests like this should be checked out first.

A bathroom suite

What they said::: Hi, does anybody have a bathroom suite they no longer need?
Can collect anytime.

What I say:: A shockingly huge want! I'm sure there are tons of baths and bogs thrown out each month though and they're big things to skip. However aren't they likely to be avocado coloured?

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Toast Rack

What they said:::: Am after a Toast rack if anyone can help please let me know

What I say::: Well it's a small strange want...

And you know before the night was out he had one!

Washing machine wanted

What they said:::: Hi This is a long shot but dos anyone have a washing machine in working
order needing a good home for disabled lady thank you. XXXX area
Thank You

What I say: Oh yeah

Friday, 15 February 2008

trailer wheels

What they said::: hi im looking for wheels that will fit a 4 stud trailer size 11-12 or
13 inch or anyone with a old trailer that needs some love and
attention i can recycle parts off i can collect at your convinience can
collect any distance

What I say: So not much then.

pushalong toy

What they said::: I was wondering whether anyone had some kind of pushalong toy that my
9mth old son can use to help him learn to walk

What I say: Buy your kid something to play with and isn't 9 months a bit early to be forcing him to learn to walk?

Children's stuff

What they said (And they posted several want ads all in one go)

I would be grateful if anyone had an outdoor childrens playhouse they
no longer use. not the tent type, but the solid plastic or wooden type.

Many thanks.

Does anyone have a childrens play kitchen that they no longer use. I
would be extremeley grateful.

Thanks in anticipation!

What I say::: They want huge things that are luxury items for their kids. Shocking begging!

dig cage

What they said::: Can anyone help urgently??? I adopted a dog from XXXXX dogs home
3 weeks ago. It turns out that she is pregnant. I need a cage for her
and her puppies, to seperate her from our male dog. She is due to give
birth any day now.

What I say::: Do dog homes give away unneutered animals? I didn't think they did. I'd be asking them for help with the situation.

fish tank and fish

What they said:::
I am looking for a Fish Tank for out Tropical Fish to be moved into.

I live in XXXX and can collect if in local areas.

What I say: Can't afford to start a hobby off involve live stuff? Then don't!

bath panel amongst other things

What they said:::
Hi All
I know this is a long shot but i am after the following if anyone can

Gas test analiser for a car (big long shot i know, but you can only ask)

Bath panel - wood or plastic

Also i need to give my kitchen ceiling a lick off paint and wondered if
anyone may have a tin or half a tin of white emulsion lying around that
they no longer need.

I am not around over the weekend but could pick up from Monday onward

What I say:
You don't want much do you? Moon on a stick rating 10/10

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Scaffolding planks tumble dryer

What they said::: Hi has anybody got any scaffolding planks they no longer need?.Also i
am in need of a small tumble dryer. I would greatly appreciate any

What I say::: Anything else whilst you're at it!

colour laser printer

What they said::: am looking for a working colour laser printer - preferred HP - but
any make will do.

What I said::: This is a classic moon on a stick ... 10/10 rating



What I say::: Save up. This is a luxury item.

fridge freezer and hand tools

What they said:::: Hi i have been asked to look for a fridge freezer if anyone has one
must be working i can collect. please help !!!!!

im also looking for hand tools rachet and sockets sets and any tools to do with mechanics if anyone can help me.

What I say::: Anything else? Cuddly toy maybe?

Educational book

What they said: NVQ level 3 Childrens care learning and development
Looking for this book for exams. If you are not using it could u
possibly pass it on to me. It would give the book a new lease of life

What I say: Ask at school or the library.

Sofa cover

What they said: ANY COLOUR AT ALL i bought a second hand sofa without covers as i was
desperate, and now need a cover!

What I say::: You bought a sofa knowing it needed covers?

Patio set

What they said:::: in desperate need of patio set for sons first birthday party can anyone help.

Whay I said: Sit on your house chairs. Take them outside.

Tropical fish tank

What they said::: Tropical fish tank
wanted fish tank for sons room. can collect .

What I say::: Do you know how dear tropical fish are to look after? If you can't afford the basic equipment then you'll not be able to afford the hobby

Tv and freeview box

What they say::: Tv and freeview box
hi has anyone got any of the above going spare any make any size the
only thing i need is a scart socket in the tv its for my kids room so
nothing fancy would be greatfully revieved. can
collect thanks

What I say:
Don't put a TV in your kids bedroom!


What they say::: would like some pictures so our walls look less bare! We like the old
fashioned elaborate gold frames and old pictures of people from
different ages, medevil, elizabethan, edwardian, victorian etc. Or
just old pictures of other things. If anyone has any they dont want
please get in touch!

What I say: Aren't they fussy! The worst sort as they're after accidental antiques


What they said:

If anyone has a head board that they don't want I am after one that I
can re-cover please.can collect from anywhere

What I say: Do without. Save up.

Wanted a drying frame

Just wondering if anyone has one of these around their home they no
longer use- this is the sort of thing I mean:

really looking for a 3 tier one - don't mind if wood/metal whatever -
would be most grateful if anyone can help.

What I say: You've seen it in the shop so save up for it.

Wanted weedkiller

What they said::::

What I say: Can't manage the garden? Get a flat.

Cross stitch materials

What they said: Does anyone have any spare or scraps of cross stitch material or Aida,
or any spare thread, I was lucky enough to get some books and am
running out of bits and bobs to try out the projects in them.

Whay I say: Don't expect other people to pay for your hobbies

Concrete slabs

What they said: looking for about a dozen concrete paving slabs for my 75 year old
neighbour, only about 18" square or he will not be able to move them.

What I say: Tell him to get someone in to lay him a patio.

wanted music stand

What they said: looking for a music stand as my 8yr old has just
started to learn the violin. Anything considered

What I say: Lean the book up against a cupboard or windowsill.
Or go back to the music shop and buy one

Bathroom cabinet wanted

What they said: Hi, I have shelled out to have my bathroom done and now I have come to
the end I really need a cabinet and mirror to finish the job off. I
can collect anywhere . Look forward to hearing from you.

What I say: You can afford to get your bathroom done, so save up and buy them yourself.

Wanted DVD player


What I said:::
Buy one. They're only a few quid.

Wanted travel games


What I say:
Do you not have any paper and pencils?
If you can afford to travel you can afford to buy some games or a pencil and paper and borrow a book from the library on basic games.

Wanted tank and fish

What they said::: does anyone have either of these they no longer kids
driving me insane wanting some fish. would be grateful, thank you

What I said:::

Teach your kids that they can't have everything they want. And if you can't afford a tank or the fish you shouldn't be having pets.

Moon on a stick rating 8/10

Never happy

what they said::: Does anyone have any spare wieghts they no longer want, my son has
just got a york bench but now needs wieghts for it. thanks

What I said:::
Where did you get just the bench from? Why did you get it if you didn't have any weights? Why not buy him the weights?

Needing a bed whilst I go away

What they said::::
desperately needed i have friends staying over takng care of my house
and dog while i go away and have the spare room set up but no bed,
cannot get a real bed as it will be my babies room very soon, i cannot
afford to go out and purchase one!

if at all possible to deliver to my house, as i have 4
children and do not have transport travel is a nightmare!

thankyou very much for reading & it would be so so so so much
appreciated! ;)

What I say: She's got 4 kids and should presuambly have enough beds for all of them so why can't her friend stay in one of them, or even hers.

And she wants it delivered.

Moon on a stick rating 8/10

I love freecycle but

It winds me up something rotten seeing all the begging posts on it.

So I've put some together with my thoughts on them!
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