Thursday, 10 April 2008

What they said - cheeky asks on freecycle

  • I would like an exercise bike, if any one out there has one sat in the
corner they no longer need, please send me an email.
thanks for reading this

  • HI to all freecyclers we are looking for a roof bar for our car and
    wondered if anyone out there had some they no longer need. Thanx for
    reading this request x
  • We urgently need a sky remote

    The baby has lost it and we have searched everywhere for it

    The kids wil be home soon and i could do without the stress

    I can collect
  • hi has anybody got a aerobic step exerciser they no longer need i would
    be most gratefull can pick up anytime thanks

Some cheeky ones there! Especially the one where baby lost the remote! AGGGHHHH how big is your house?

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