Saturday, 10 May 2008

Hot weather brings out worst in people

want want want

  • DRYER - know it is a bit of a long shot. Am asking on behallf of a frind
    with disabled child, as her's has broken.
  • Cement mixer wanted for garden project, preferably electric, I will
  • hi i know this is a long shot but does any1 have any ps1/2 games we
    have just got a ps2 and we only managed to get 1 game with it and my
    children are dying to play on it but they cant play the game that came
    with it , this is not by no means for resale we just want to have so
    family fun with the kids when the weather is like it is today lol dull
    we can collect for anywere and we would be ever so greatfull for
    anything at all
    thank you so much
  • wanted please portable television for bedroom for someone who is ill
    thank you
  • wanted alternater for a rover 414 sk3
  • a big ask but does anyone have any one have any volvo 850
    estate t5 parts ie exhaust load cover etc they no longer need as mot is
    due and not much money in the kitty to buy.big thank you for
  • wanted ol1 has any one got any old radio controlled boats or parts they
    no longer require as me and my son are wanting to start a project.thank
    you for reading.

  • I'm looking for a petrol generator which I can take to the cemetary
    when I look after my family graves. I'll use it to power my electric
    strimmers / lawn mower etc.
  • Has anyone got a safetygate they are no longer using,now my son has
    started crawling hes into everything.

  • I was just wondering if anyone may have 1 concrete fence post lying
    around anywhere. It is the type that you slot the cheap fence panels

It drives me MAD!

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