Saturday, 26 April 2008

Freecycle want ads

Too cheeky?

  • Hi,

    If anybody has a 2 seater sofa bed that they have replaced/ no longer
    need, then we would be grateful if we can have this please.

    Can collect.

    Many Thanks in advance.
  • Has anyone got a bumboo seat they no longer use/want, if you have
    please contact me.
  • hi needed toys for my grandchildren thanx
  • Hi i'm just moving into my new house and need a table. I dont really
    care what colour as I will sand down and stain. Please help
  • Hi

    I have a 2m x 1.9m Patio door (6.5ft x 6ft) and can't find either
    venetian or vertical blinds big enough to fit. Can anyone help?....or
    can anyone suggest anywhere local (and preferably cheap!) where such
    sizes may be sold?

    Many thanks
  • Looking for a dartboard and darts. Would appreciate your e-mail.
  • hi i am in need of any pc parts you may have spare and in def need of a
    monitor as my whole pc is starting to go but the monitor is the main
    thing i need
    can anyone help.

only a few then! the bumboo made me laugh!

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