Saturday, 3 May 2008

more bad asks

What they said

  • hi has anybody got a dishwasher they no longer need can pick up thanks
  • Has anyone got a spare set of Axel stands or ramps for a car?

    I can collect anytime

    kind regards
  • Everyone,

    Has anybody got a spare wheelbarrow that they are no longer using. I
    really need one to enable me to do my gardening. I keep doing my back
    in lifting which isn't good so if anybody does have one spare it would
    be really appriciated
  • Does anybody have any of the old style recycling black plastic
    recycling boxes that the council geve us several years ago for
    recycling bottles and cans. Most people now use the brown bins but
    some of you may just have one of the old type of box lying around. If
    you have and you don't need it please let me know. I need one so I can
    recycle a pile of tin cans and the council has said I can use one of
    these boxes if i can get my hands on one.
  • I'm looking for a floor tile cutter if anyone has one they no longer
    want, I can collect at a time that suits you.
  • Anyone got any Nicci French or Nicci Gerrard books? Hard back or
    paperback, I can collect. Thanks for reading
  • Wanted deep fat fryer

  • wanted: girs bike

  • a boys bike for age 6yrs-8yrs please,as the one he has now is not much
    use as the chain keeps falling off.thanks.

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