Sunday, 24 February 2008

my freecycle rules

1) Keep it free, legal & appropriate for all ages.
2) You MUST Include your partial postcode and general location in ALL posts.
3) Items must belong to you or you must have permission to post from the owner
4) Please remember only 3 wanted messages per month are allowed.
5) The same wanted message cannot be posted more than once per month.
6) No asking for extravagant items (cars, caravans, motorbikes etc)or specifying particular styles/colours etc.
7) No politics, spam, money, rudeness, personal attacks or religion.
8) No live creature messages
9) Re-selling is allowed but you MUST state you are a re-seller in any ‘wanted’ post. When responding to an offer, you must declare you will be re-selling the item aswell.
10) No trading.
11) No requesting items to borrow
12) Send your responses to the offerer only and not the whole group.
13) No offering of yourself/children etc.

One of the neighbouring groups hardly has any wanted posts at all.
It's a pity people don't take much notice when they're in WANTED mode.

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