Monday, 30 June 2008

I hate wanted ads on freecycle so much

That it just crossed my mind how much fun you could have with these people who ask for silly things.

You could wait until you get someone asking for something ridiculous. On average you'd have to wait about 20 minutes on most groups.
Then about ten minutes after you post an Offered ad for the very same item. Hahaha of course you'd want to have several spare freecycle IDs for this, perhaps even going as far as having several all built up by offering stuff out and sending nice "i'm sorry you didn't get it this time" cheery hugs sort of emails.

But with the WANTED GREEDY ads you wouldn't ever offer them the item. You'd just let them be so frustrated by perhaps repeatedly missing items, that they'd eventually work it out.

Sounds mean? I think so.

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