Sunday, 4 May 2008

Some more jolly requests

Some people really treat freecycle like a wish machine

  • Does anyone have a good conditioned rotary washing line that they no
    longer use? We have a border collie who thinks that its great fun to
    nick your washing as it blows in the wind, and snaps the lines in the
  • We need a bbq for out outdoor events, it needs to be gas as this is
    safest for children. thanks

  • i was wondering if anyone has a small garden shed plastic or metal
    about 6ft by 4ft in size please.

    i know this is a big long shot but thought you dont get if you dont ask

    many thanks for reading this post
  • hello if any of you have tent you no longer use we would be greatful
    as our tent got damaged by teenagers. we really could do with a weekend
    thanks for readingthis wanted note
  • hi everyone if you have any baby dolls thats no longer needed please
    email me thanx
  • Fully working washing machine needed temporarily. I am moving house
    shortly, and mine has just packed up. I will re-post on here when I
    have finished with it.

    Looks not important
  • we have a puppy and need a dog cage or a crate so he can be safely left
    for short periods, having spoken to people I realise that dogs outgrow
    the need for these cages so if anyone had one they didnt need I would
    be very grateful and could collect whenever suitable-thnks
  • hi has anybody got a dishwasher they no longer need can pick up thanks

Some big asks - as usual.

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