Tuesday, 6 May 2008

beg beg beg

More wanted ads - I assume the group has had some publicity somewhere saying what a great place to ask for stuff it is.

  • Hi I am looking for a ride on car for my little boy please if anyone
    has one they no longer use I would be very grateful!
  • Hi I am looking for a slide for my 2 little boys if anyone has one they
    no longer use!
  • wanted cylinder vac like a henry or similar thank you in advance
  • Needed asap - a folding butterfly table and chairs.
    My mums table is near to collapsing, and she desperately needs a new
    folding one to save space in her kitchen
    Many thanks
  • Does anybody have a greenhouse that they no longer need. Any type will
    do glass, plastic, polytunnel. I am really really desparate because I
    want to start growing my own veg. Its a long story but because I am so
    ill I need to eat organic and basically I can't afford it so hoping to
    grow my own. Anybody that can help me out with this, it really will be
Some big asks there

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