Sunday, 27 April 2008

They are all at it

Begging on freecycle

  • Hello there
    Does anyone have either 1 or 2 largish cream throws? My suite isnt as
    good as it used to be, and could do with something to brighten it up a
    many many kind thanks in advance
  • wanted cream throws can collect anytime
  • Hi chest of drawers wanted, thanks from
  • hi iam looking for empty wine bottles PLEASE
  • Hi,

    My 6 yr old daughter loves Sylvanian Families, and would appreciate any
    items that you no longer want from the Sylvanian Family range.

    She got the Sylvanian Family cottage for xmas (the one with lights
    that you can turn on/off, and the matching conservatory.

    My daughter needs bathroom items to complete the cottage.

    The Sylvanian Families are a bit dear so i can't really afford to buy
    any other bits for it.

    I would be very grateful for anyone's help. Thanks!.

Well I was tempted to also ask for cream throws. And was tempted to offer him some FULL wine bottles...

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