Friday, 29 February 2008


What they said: Hi.

Putting this on for a friend.

He has just started on a computer course and a home computer would help him to progress. Nothing fancy, just a basic model would be ok.

Thanks for reading

What I said: Lend him yours.


What they said: Hi, please can anyone help my mother-in laws washer broke and im tryin
to help her replace it .
thank you for your time.

What I said: You're not trying very hard. Make her buy one for herself, or get the old one repaired. More people asking for everyone else.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Cheeky monkey

What they said:::Hello, Has anyone got a cooker,double bed, fridge/freezer etc that they
nolonger need as a friend of mine has just moved into his own place.

can collect.


What I said: Bugger off. Don't scav everything. That isn't what freecycle is for. People who can't afford basics like a bed shouldn't move into their own places.


What they said: hi, picking some kitchen units up tomorrow & will have to store them in
the garden for time being, so would be very grateful for some tarpaulin
if anyone has some to spare? Thanks

What I said: You've got money for a new kitchen then buy a tarp for them

computer work station

What they said::: Has anyone out there got a computer work station they may not want,any
size will do ? can collect as soon as if possible collapsed down to fit
in car !!! THANKS.....

What I said::: Does he mean a desk?

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Wanted dishwasher

What they said:
As any one got a working dishwasher they no longer need as I would be
so greatfull if someone could help me out.

What I said: OH MY GOD. This is a luxury item and you shouldn't be asking for one on freecycle. This is a cheeky post. One that gives freecycle a bad name.

Monday, 25 February 2008

The best of dutch by design

Dutch by Design - Contemporary Design Online

Great home design products by Dutch by Design

Great items like
Product: Multi Colour Boho Chandelier
Designer: PT Design
Art Code: N/A
Description: Wonderfully boho and dramatic, this gorgeous chandelier will instantly add oomph to your interior. Max 25 watt includes 6 bulbs. Please note that you need the minimum clearance from the ceiling is 75 cm, the chain can be shorted to this length. However, the total length of the chandelier is 125 cm so from the top of the chandelier to the bottom of the beads.
Flat Flower
Product: Mixed Poppy Blue Vase
Designer: Suseela Gorter

Description: The Flat Flowers are transparent window stickers with which you will always have a beautiful bunch of flowers on your window sill. Made from a static material  so no glue involved  you can easily apply Flat Flowers again and again. Flat flowers are visible from both side so from inside and outside the window. The large windowstickers are 30 cm high and available in 5 variations. The post cards are 15 cm high and available in 8 variations.

Wanted fancy dress

What they said: Does anyone have any fancy dress costumes that perhaps their children
have grown out of?

What I said: Try a fancy dress hire shop

table and chairs

What they said: kitchen table and chairs for my daughter who is moving into a house in
XXXX can collect thanks

What i said: she can afford to move so she can afford some furniture.

bedroom decor

What they said: Just decorated little boys bedroom and as winnie the pooh was for babies
(his words by a 3 & half year old), so he would like any posters,
pictures or clock featuring things like, pink panther, scooby doo,
trains, cars all of which are his choice
thanks for reading and we can collect anytime

What I said; you've got a kid pay for it yourself.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Tent pole

What they said: Does anyone have a spare metal tent pole to fit a ProAction Nevada 8
man tent? Or know of anyone who makes new ones?

What I said:
It must be the day for getting the tent out and seeing what you managed to lose. A very specific request

Wanted car stuff

What they said: wanted:roof box for volvo car..also has any one got any spare parts for
a volvo 850 t5 estate.can pick up anytime..thanx alot fellow freecyclers

What I say: Hmm a lot of wants there. Must be a right wreck of a car

wanted: Bird Table/Feeder

What they said:::wanted: Bird Table/Feeder

I want to try and encourage more birds into my garden so any offers
would be greatfully accepted, I can collect.

What I said::: And you'll afford bird food how? And if you're just giving them scrap you don't need a feeder

sky box

What they said::: wanted sky box please

What I said::: Don't you need a sky subscription to use it? If you've got money for that then buy one.

a reverb unit

What they said::: Hi,

I'm looking for any type of "Echo / Reverb unit" for my nephew who has
just started singing at wedding etc. He has a good microphone, amp and
speakers but really needs to add that little bit extra "environment
effect" when singing in certain types of buildings. If anyone can help
I can collect for him.


What I said::: I am glad my uncle was never that mean.
Honestly he's either doing it for cash which means he should be buying his own equipment (it's a tax deductable expense... ) or he's doing it for free in which case one of his family could buy it him

my freecycle rules

1) Keep it free, legal & appropriate for all ages.
2) You MUST Include your partial postcode and general location in ALL posts.
3) Items must belong to you or you must have permission to post from the owner
4) Please remember only 3 wanted messages per month are allowed.
5) The same wanted message cannot be posted more than once per month.
6) No asking for extravagant items (cars, caravans, motorbikes etc)or specifying particular styles/colours etc.
7) No politics, spam, money, rudeness, personal attacks or religion.
8) No live creature messages
9) Re-selling is allowed but you MUST state you are a re-seller in any ‘wanted’ post. When responding to an offer, you must declare you will be re-selling the item aswell.
10) No trading.
11) No requesting items to borrow
12) Send your responses to the offerer only and not the whole group.
13) No offering of yourself/children etc.

One of the neighbouring groups hardly has any wanted posts at all.
It's a pity people don't take much notice when they're in WANTED mode.

Tent pegs

what they said::: Wanted - strong metal tent pegs or the like

What I said: Hmm, one of the most strange requests.
It's Feburary so I don't suppose they want them for camping out.

Saturday, 23 February 2008


What they said::: hi im looking for a dryer for my step daughter hers has just brocken
down thanks for looking

What I said::: Tell her to buy one or you buy her one.
I dislike people who ask for "other people"

washing machine

What they said:::

I was hoping that somebody might have a washing machine they no longer
need. It is for a student at university who is moving into a rented
house that doesn't have one. I am able to collect from anywhere.


What I say:
For a student? You're not a student landlord are you?

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Bamboo coffee table

What they said: Hi i am after a bamboo type coffee table and similar corner tv video
stand, which has to be at least 34 inches length, thanks

What I said:
Only a bit specific. I am suprised people don't put the argos catalogue number on to make it easier!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


What they said:: hi i need any scrap or non running motorcycles or unwanted spares for a
youth project

What I said: Just what the UK needs, more organ donors!

There's some young people who ride motorbikes near me all weekend and it is very noisy and it's illegal too

The issue of off-road motorcycle nuisance has been identified as an area of public concern via public consultation mechanisms, and GMPA identified that a registration scheme would be a useful tool to help combat the growing problem of anti-social behaviour related to the illegal use of off-road motorcycles.

Monday, 18 February 2008


What they said ::: hi i am looking for a wardrobe for my daughter double or single doesnt
matter which

What I say::: A wardrobe? Bizarre. I spose when they're little they don't have much that can't be folded up.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

tv dvd combo

What they want::: Hi
Does anyone has a tv/dvd combo they don't want?
I would be really grateful.

What I say::: No, this is a luxury item. Do without.

Prams and pushchairs

What they said::: I collect prams and pushchairs for XXX children's Hospital, They use them
on the baby wards and they are crying out for them at the minute
because people steal them (Believe it or not) I can collect from most
places, Thanks for reading.

What I say::: Sometimes I think ones for good causes should be banned. How do we know they're collecting them for who they say they are? Are you more likely to give to a charitable cause then another person? You might do. But you'd not know. Perhaps all requests like this should be checked out first.

A bathroom suite

What they said::: Hi, does anybody have a bathroom suite they no longer need?
Can collect anytime.

What I say:: A shockingly huge want! I'm sure there are tons of baths and bogs thrown out each month though and they're big things to skip. However aren't they likely to be avocado coloured?

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Toast Rack

What they said:::: Am after a Toast rack if anyone can help please let me know

What I say::: Well it's a small strange want...

And you know before the night was out he had one!

Washing machine wanted

What they said:::: Hi This is a long shot but dos anyone have a washing machine in working
order needing a good home for disabled lady thank you. XXXX area
Thank You

What I say: Oh yeah

Friday, 15 February 2008

trailer wheels

What they said::: hi im looking for wheels that will fit a 4 stud trailer size 11-12 or
13 inch or anyone with a old trailer that needs some love and
attention i can recycle parts off i can collect at your convinience can
collect any distance

What I say: So not much then.

pushalong toy

What they said::: I was wondering whether anyone had some kind of pushalong toy that my
9mth old son can use to help him learn to walk

What I say: Buy your kid something to play with and isn't 9 months a bit early to be forcing him to learn to walk?

Children's stuff

What they said (And they posted several want ads all in one go)

I would be grateful if anyone had an outdoor childrens playhouse they
no longer use. not the tent type, but the solid plastic or wooden type.

Many thanks.

Does anyone have a childrens play kitchen that they no longer use. I
would be extremeley grateful.

Thanks in anticipation!

What I say::: They want huge things that are luxury items for their kids. Shocking begging!

dig cage

What they said::: Can anyone help urgently??? I adopted a dog from XXXXX dogs home
3 weeks ago. It turns out that she is pregnant. I need a cage for her
and her puppies, to seperate her from our male dog. She is due to give
birth any day now.

What I say::: Do dog homes give away unneutered animals? I didn't think they did. I'd be asking them for help with the situation.

fish tank and fish

What they said:::
I am looking for a Fish Tank for out Tropical Fish to be moved into.

I live in XXXX and can collect if in local areas.

What I say: Can't afford to start a hobby off involve live stuff? Then don't!

bath panel amongst other things

What they said:::
Hi All
I know this is a long shot but i am after the following if anyone can

Gas test analiser for a car (big long shot i know, but you can only ask)

Bath panel - wood or plastic

Also i need to give my kitchen ceiling a lick off paint and wondered if
anyone may have a tin or half a tin of white emulsion lying around that
they no longer need.

I am not around over the weekend but could pick up from Monday onward

What I say:
You don't want much do you? Moon on a stick rating 10/10

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Scaffolding planks tumble dryer

What they said::: Hi has anybody got any scaffolding planks they no longer need?.Also i
am in need of a small tumble dryer. I would greatly appreciate any

What I say::: Anything else whilst you're at it!

colour laser printer

What they said::: am looking for a working colour laser printer - preferred HP - but
any make will do.

What I said::: This is a classic moon on a stick ... 10/10 rating



What I say::: Save up. This is a luxury item.

fridge freezer and hand tools

What they said:::: Hi i have been asked to look for a fridge freezer if anyone has one
must be working i can collect. please help !!!!!

im also looking for hand tools rachet and sockets sets and any tools to do with mechanics if anyone can help me.

What I say::: Anything else? Cuddly toy maybe?

Educational book

What they said: NVQ level 3 Childrens care learning and development
Looking for this book for exams. If you are not using it could u
possibly pass it on to me. It would give the book a new lease of life

What I say: Ask at school or the library.

Sofa cover

What they said: ANY COLOUR AT ALL i bought a second hand sofa without covers as i was
desperate, and now need a cover!

What I say::: You bought a sofa knowing it needed covers?

Patio set

What they said:::: in desperate need of patio set for sons first birthday party can anyone help.

Whay I said: Sit on your house chairs. Take them outside.

Tropical fish tank

What they said::: Tropical fish tank
wanted fish tank for sons room. can collect .

What I say::: Do you know how dear tropical fish are to look after? If you can't afford the basic equipment then you'll not be able to afford the hobby

Tv and freeview box

What they say::: Tv and freeview box
hi has anyone got any of the above going spare any make any size the
only thing i need is a scart socket in the tv its for my kids room so
nothing fancy would be greatfully revieved. can
collect thanks

What I say:
Don't put a TV in your kids bedroom!


What they say::: would like some pictures so our walls look less bare! We like the old
fashioned elaborate gold frames and old pictures of people from
different ages, medevil, elizabethan, edwardian, victorian etc. Or
just old pictures of other things. If anyone has any they dont want
please get in touch!

What I say: Aren't they fussy! The worst sort as they're after accidental antiques


What they said:

If anyone has a head board that they don't want I am after one that I
can re-cover please.can collect from anywhere

What I say: Do without. Save up.

Wanted a drying frame

Just wondering if anyone has one of these around their home they no
longer use- this is the sort of thing I mean:

really looking for a 3 tier one - don't mind if wood/metal whatever -
would be most grateful if anyone can help.

What I say: You've seen it in the shop so save up for it.

Wanted weedkiller

What they said::::

What I say: Can't manage the garden? Get a flat.

Cross stitch materials

What they said: Does anyone have any spare or scraps of cross stitch material or Aida,
or any spare thread, I was lucky enough to get some books and am
running out of bits and bobs to try out the projects in them.

Whay I say: Don't expect other people to pay for your hobbies

Concrete slabs

What they said: looking for about a dozen concrete paving slabs for my 75 year old
neighbour, only about 18" square or he will not be able to move them.

What I say: Tell him to get someone in to lay him a patio.

wanted music stand

What they said: looking for a music stand as my 8yr old has just
started to learn the violin. Anything considered

What I say: Lean the book up against a cupboard or windowsill.
Or go back to the music shop and buy one

Bathroom cabinet wanted

What they said: Hi, I have shelled out to have my bathroom done and now I have come to
the end I really need a cabinet and mirror to finish the job off. I
can collect anywhere . Look forward to hearing from you.

What I say: You can afford to get your bathroom done, so save up and buy them yourself.

Wanted DVD player


What I said:::
Buy one. They're only a few quid.

Wanted travel games


What I say:
Do you not have any paper and pencils?
If you can afford to travel you can afford to buy some games or a pencil and paper and borrow a book from the library on basic games.

Wanted tank and fish

What they said::: does anyone have either of these they no longer kids
driving me insane wanting some fish. would be grateful, thank you

What I said:::

Teach your kids that they can't have everything they want. And if you can't afford a tank or the fish you shouldn't be having pets.

Moon on a stick rating 8/10

Never happy

what they said::: Does anyone have any spare wieghts they no longer want, my son has
just got a york bench but now needs wieghts for it. thanks

What I said:::
Where did you get just the bench from? Why did you get it if you didn't have any weights? Why not buy him the weights?

Needing a bed whilst I go away

What they said::::
desperately needed i have friends staying over takng care of my house
and dog while i go away and have the spare room set up but no bed,
cannot get a real bed as it will be my babies room very soon, i cannot
afford to go out and purchase one!

if at all possible to deliver to my house, as i have 4
children and do not have transport travel is a nightmare!

thankyou very much for reading & it would be so so so so much
appreciated! ;)

What I say: She's got 4 kids and should presuambly have enough beds for all of them so why can't her friend stay in one of them, or even hers.

And she wants it delivered.

Moon on a stick rating 8/10

I love freecycle but

It winds me up something rotten seeing all the begging posts on it.

So I've put some together with my thoughts on them!
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