Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Oi cheeky no!

Lots of them:

  • Would be very grateful if anyone has one they no longer use, as I want to give it a go but it's a lot to spend on a new one. Can collect.
  • Hi I just wondered if anybody had a small 2 seater sofa bed that they no longer required.
    please thanks in anticipation
  • Does anyone have an A2 or A3 photo quality inkjet printer they no
    longer use? I would be extremely grateful if I could have it.
  • i am after an 8 foot trampoline enclosure, if you got one going spare.
    Can collect any time, thanks
  • wanted male and female mountain bikes we need to try and get fit old
    age catching up can collect
  • I need an AM2 socket motherboard. Not too concerned about high spec, as
    long as it has IDE (or a PCI slot), PCI-e graphics slot and DDR2 RAM
    slots. Oh - and an Ethernet port.

    I don't SATA, I don't need lot's of USB ports, and I don't need
    firewire. It doesn't need to be overclockable. Stable, safe and simple.

    Can collect evenings around 6:30 - 7:00 pm
  • Age and condition not important but must be working.

    Can collect locally.
  • All things considered aslong as they work, just need something to mess
    about on and practice, stupidly got rid of one a few months ago now im
    craving after one again.

What I say... these are all really cheeky and not in the spirit of freecycle

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