Thursday, 24 April 2008

Todays bad freecyclers

What they wanted

  • hi there has anyone got storage of any kind with a lock for a voluntery
    childrens group to keep equipment in.
    Need to lock up as the building is shared with other groups at mo kept
    in my house but not ideal thanks for looking
  • hi there wanted tools any condition (spanners sockets ratchets hamers) anything....can pick up anytime anywhere all help would be much appreciated thanks for reading
  • hi doe4s anyone have a wheelie bin or garden bin they no longer need
  • hi all please does anyone have large amount of sand they no longer need
    my daughter wants a sandpit in the garden thankyou
  • Daughter came home with goldfish from the fair with the smallest tiny
    It has no accesories / gravel

    I feel so sorry for the fish

    We are looking for a tank with accesories (gravel,plants, ornamental
    bits ) big enough so we can ge the fish some friends

    We have no transport so we need to be cheeky and ask for delivery
    unless its within walkin distance
  • Hi, I'm trying to arrange a holiday on the cheap and camping seems to
    be the best option. However I've never been camping and don't possess
    a tent and buying one would substantially increase the cost( to a
    place I couldn't afford.)

    Thank you in advance
  • Does anyone please have any exercise equipment; rowing machine, bike
    machine, weights; mt daugher is on a trim up for the summer regime!
  • hi i am looking for clothes for a very tall 4 year old she has worn to
    9 years old at times cant keep up with her really need summer up type
    things but all types welcome can collect thank you

Just a few things wanted then!
I am constantly amazed what people ask for on freecycle.

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