Sunday, 27 April 2008

They are all at it

Begging on freecycle

  • Hello there
    Does anyone have either 1 or 2 largish cream throws? My suite isnt as
    good as it used to be, and could do with something to brighten it up a
    many many kind thanks in advance
  • wanted cream throws can collect anytime
  • Hi chest of drawers wanted, thanks from
  • hi iam looking for empty wine bottles PLEASE
  • Hi,

    My 6 yr old daughter loves Sylvanian Families, and would appreciate any
    items that you no longer want from the Sylvanian Family range.

    She got the Sylvanian Family cottage for xmas (the one with lights
    that you can turn on/off, and the matching conservatory.

    My daughter needs bathroom items to complete the cottage.

    The Sylvanian Families are a bit dear so i can't really afford to buy
    any other bits for it.

    I would be very grateful for anyone's help. Thanks!.

Well I was tempted to also ask for cream throws. And was tempted to offer him some FULL wine bottles...

Saturday, 26 April 2008

No shows

Someone who's been asking for furniture replied to my post offering two sofas.

So I rang them up. We arranged for them to come and collect them between 2 and half past today.

Well guess what! It's nearly 4PM and they've not turned up!

How annoying is that?

We've stayed in on our Saturday off and have wasted our time!

Freecycle want ads

Too cheeky?

  • Hi,

    If anybody has a 2 seater sofa bed that they have replaced/ no longer
    need, then we would be grateful if we can have this please.

    Can collect.

    Many Thanks in advance.
  • Has anyone got a bumboo seat they no longer use/want, if you have
    please contact me.
  • hi needed toys for my grandchildren thanx
  • Hi i'm just moving into my new house and need a table. I dont really
    care what colour as I will sand down and stain. Please help
  • Hi

    I have a 2m x 1.9m Patio door (6.5ft x 6ft) and can't find either
    venetian or vertical blinds big enough to fit. Can anyone help?....or
    can anyone suggest anywhere local (and preferably cheap!) where such
    sizes may be sold?

    Many thanks
  • Looking for a dartboard and darts. Would appreciate your e-mail.
  • hi i am in need of any pc parts you may have spare and in def need of a
    monitor as my whole pc is starting to go but the monitor is the main
    thing i need
    can anyone help.

only a few then! the bumboo made me laugh!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Todays bad freecyclers

What they wanted

  • hi there has anyone got storage of any kind with a lock for a voluntery
    childrens group to keep equipment in.
    Need to lock up as the building is shared with other groups at mo kept
    in my house but not ideal thanks for looking
  • hi there wanted tools any condition (spanners sockets ratchets hamers) anything....can pick up anytime anywhere all help would be much appreciated thanks for reading
  • hi doe4s anyone have a wheelie bin or garden bin they no longer need
  • hi all please does anyone have large amount of sand they no longer need
    my daughter wants a sandpit in the garden thankyou
  • Daughter came home with goldfish from the fair with the smallest tiny
    It has no accesories / gravel

    I feel so sorry for the fish

    We are looking for a tank with accesories (gravel,plants, ornamental
    bits ) big enough so we can ge the fish some friends

    We have no transport so we need to be cheeky and ask for delivery
    unless its within walkin distance
  • Hi, I'm trying to arrange a holiday on the cheap and camping seems to
    be the best option. However I've never been camping and don't possess
    a tent and buying one would substantially increase the cost( to a
    place I couldn't afford.)

    Thank you in advance
  • Does anyone please have any exercise equipment; rowing machine, bike
    machine, weights; mt daugher is on a trim up for the summer regime!
  • hi i am looking for clothes for a very tall 4 year old she has worn to
    9 years old at times cant keep up with her really need summer up type
    things but all types welcome can collect thank you

Just a few things wanted then!
I am constantly amazed what people ask for on freecycle.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

More bad wants

What they said - and these two arrived just after I'd written the previous post!

  • iv just been given a laptop with external cd player but need external
    re-writer please thanks can collect
  • my vacuum cleaner has just give up cannot afford anew one if anyone has
    a spare one , i would be gratefull.
  • hi has anyone got a small printer i can use with a laptop instead of
    having to wait to use the pc printer got transport dont mind travellin
Utterly cheeky.

Huge number of wanted ads

What they've said

  • I am looking for an mp3 player so i can listen to my music on the move
    if any one can help cheers. would be much appreciated. thanks.
  • We are in need of a wardrobe. A sturdy wooden one would be perfect, my husband and i are sharing a canvas one which is a bit of a nightmare as we have so many clothes.
  • Hello freecyclers! Please could someone help me out - am in desperate need of a child's high
    chair, my other one has given up the ghost recently and so i thought i'd try you kind lot! I
    could collect anytime and would really appreciate it if someone could help me out with this,
    Thanks a lot,
  • I wondered if anybody had any Large Garden Bushes or Trees they no
    longer want.

    I am looking to fill my border with Tall bushes such as Acers,
    Conifers, etc

    I am in XXXX and can collect if in local areas.

    Any offered would be very much appreciated.

    Many Thanks

  • just moved into first home - looking for 2/3 seater sofa as dont want
    to be splashing loads of cash on new stuff at the moment.
    please help.
  • wanted :would any one have hidden in their shed or loft have
    any old radio controlled boats for me to rebuild-restore in my spare
    time or any old radio gear-parts.a big ask i know but who knows.thank
    you all.
  • a working deep fat fryer and george foreman if possible
    can collect
    thankyou in advance for reading :)

This is just shocking! In a very short time freecycle has turned into a massive begging letter!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Grandfather clock

What they said:
I am looking for a grandfather clock if anybody as one thy don't want.

What I said: Shocking. Huge ask.
Very wrong.

Oi cheeky no!

Lots of them:

  • Would be very grateful if anyone has one they no longer use, as I want to give it a go but it's a lot to spend on a new one. Can collect.
  • Hi I just wondered if anybody had a small 2 seater sofa bed that they no longer required.
    please thanks in anticipation
  • Does anyone have an A2 or A3 photo quality inkjet printer they no
    longer use? I would be extremely grateful if I could have it.
  • i am after an 8 foot trampoline enclosure, if you got one going spare.
    Can collect any time, thanks
  • wanted male and female mountain bikes we need to try and get fit old
    age catching up can collect
  • I need an AM2 socket motherboard. Not too concerned about high spec, as
    long as it has IDE (or a PCI slot), PCI-e graphics slot and DDR2 RAM
    slots. Oh - and an Ethernet port.

    I don't SATA, I don't need lot's of USB ports, and I don't need
    firewire. It doesn't need to be overclockable. Stable, safe and simple.

    Can collect evenings around 6:30 - 7:00 pm
  • Age and condition not important but must be working.

    Can collect locally.
  • All things considered aslong as they work, just need something to mess
    about on and practice, stupidly got rid of one a few months ago now im
    craving after one again.

What I say... these are all really cheeky and not in the spirit of freecycle

Saturday, 12 April 2008

More wanted ads off freecycle including fish filter

What they said: Hi
Does anyone out there have a fish filter they don't want, Fluvel 3
size if possible.
My fish would be extremley grateful

What I said: AGGHHH If you need one. Buy one. To not buy one for your fish sounds cruel.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

What they said - cheeky asks on freecycle

  • I would like an exercise bike, if any one out there has one sat in the
corner they no longer need, please send me an email.
thanks for reading this

  • HI to all freecyclers we are looking for a roof bar for our car and
    wondered if anyone out there had some they no longer need. Thanx for
    reading this request x
  • We urgently need a sky remote

    The baby has lost it and we have searched everywhere for it

    The kids wil be home soon and i could do without the stress

    I can collect
  • hi has anybody got a aerobic step exerciser they no longer need i would
    be most gratefull can pick up anytime thanks

Some cheeky ones there! Especially the one where baby lost the remote! AGGGHHHH how big is your house?


What they said: We've moved house recently and have now got a kitchen sink with a very
small draining board.

If anyone has a full-sized dishwasher they no longer require, we'd be
happy to collect it from you.

thank you

What I said: What a cheeky ask!

Wanted - greenhouse

What they said: Does anybody have or know someone who no longer requires their
greenhouse. We would like a 6 foot by 6 foot greenhouse and ideally
with safety glass or Polycarbonate glazing, so it is safe for our
little boy as it will be rebuilt in our garden
Thanks for reading this

What I said: this is a huge ask. very cheeky. And very specific.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

More bad wants from freecycle

Just had a burst of emails in -

What they said:

  • Hi all i know its a long shot but im in need of a combi boiler/
    radiators/ electric shower/ and doors ie front back and internal
    doors.We are moving in to a rented house but they wont put things like
    this in for us. even though the house has some radiators down stairs
    with having kids i want them up stairs even more so as the old wooden
    windows have that many gaps and are in such dis repare it needs doing.
    i know this is a long shot but someone may have things like this they
    may not be using ie a builder or someone. thank you all.

  • hi there i need a hoover as mine has just died (rip) if anybody out there has one i can have that would be fantastic can collect from anywhere thanks in advance cheers

  • Wanted HARD DRIVE can reformat needed for project build

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Some cheeky asks

The rules say don't be specific or greedy!

What people said:
I'm looking for a dc04 as a spare to repair my existing machine.

Does anyone have any clothes that have been grown out of? Recently
become a guardian and could use some help

Hello everyone,
my family and I have decided to start camping so i am looking for
any unwanted camping items i can collect

Can any help me stop my dog escaping she thinks she the female canine
version of hudini. Does anyone have any fencing they no longer need?

What I say: Get along to argos!


What they said::: hi i was wondering if anyone had a old laptop or pc for young boy for
school work dont have to be of a goog just needs to be in working
condition thank you

What I said: Cheeky ask!


What they said: Has someone got a colour printer they are not using Im not botherd what
make it is just so long as it is working and has some ink in it till I
manage to get somemore thank you

What I said: Cheeky ask


What they said; i am looking for a home brew starter kit to start off doing some home
brewing will collect

What I said: A cheeky ask but this is the sort of thing you buy and use once and leave gathering dust in a corner.
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