Sunday, 6 April 2008

More bad wants from freecycle

Just had a burst of emails in -

What they said:

  • Hi all i know its a long shot but im in need of a combi boiler/
    radiators/ electric shower/ and doors ie front back and internal
    doors.We are moving in to a rented house but they wont put things like
    this in for us. even though the house has some radiators down stairs
    with having kids i want them up stairs even more so as the old wooden
    windows have that many gaps and are in such dis repare it needs doing.
    i know this is a long shot but someone may have things like this they
    may not be using ie a builder or someone. thank you all.

  • hi there i need a hoover as mine has just died (rip) if anybody out there has one i can have that would be fantastic can collect from anywhere thanks in advance cheers

  • Wanted HARD DRIVE can reformat needed for project build

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